Bespoke and Wedding

We are always happy to transform old unworn treasure into modern heirlooms, please get in touch if you have designs in mind or would like a full revamping service. Metals can be melted and reworked and gemstones re-set. Brand new custom jewellery designs made in any materials.

green and gold rings for Peter Capaldi in his role as Doctor Who 

An out of this world job for a Timelord...

A full Wedding Jewellery Service is available to order. Special, meaningful and unique gifts for bride, groom and all involved. From engagement rings to celebration gifts, unisex styles and even pet charms - there are no limits to creativity! Can work into any budget. 

 set of 3 images a model, gold knot earrings and a model holding earrings to her ear in a mirror



  • Ruby and gold transformation ring

  • A very personal commission

  • Sapphire and diamond custom made ring

  • Textured made to measure wedding band

  • Wedding rings which fit together

  • A gent's band with heirloom gold added

  • Major restyle of old to new garnet and gold ring

  • Reused the gold from the gent's ring to make custom cufflinks

  • Bridal jewellery, detachable ring and lace print cuff

  • One of two specially made Love Pendants

  • Aquamarine and diamond earrings using clients' stones from old pieces.

  • A meaningful shell cast in silver for a bridal gift

  • Personal coins set in a new cuff bangle

  • A bespoke brooch for a celebration birthday present

  • A deeply personal birthstone pendant

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