Caring for your jewels.

Caring for your jewels.

Kate's jewellery is made to last and proper care will help it shine bright and last forever!

To help reduce wear and tear here are some useful tips:

Put jewellery on after applying perfume, make-up or hair products. Handle gems and pearls as little as possible as the oils on your skin can dull the stone. Remove jewellery if you're doing physical sport or manual labour such as housework or gardening. Remove earrings when your hair is being styled and never wear pearl earrings and necklaces if you're having colour put on your hair as the chemicals can damage the pearl's lustre. 

Keep your jewellery stored separately from other pieces in compartments in a jewellery box or padded, soft bags. Jewellery rolls are a good idea when travelling.

Cleaning your gemstone jewellery: you can revitalise gemstone pieces by gentle scrubbing using a soft toothbrush, or other non metallic brush, washing up liquid/dish detergent and warm water.  Rinse and pat dry with a soft lint free cloth. Go gently and if you are at all worried or the tarnish is stubborn please get in touch and I can advise.

Some gemstones are softer and easily chipped or cracked when knocked. We cannot accept liability for any cracks or chips that appear after purchase so show them some love!

Just a note on ring sizing, my ring designs can be made in any size to order. Please be sure to let me know your required size when ordering, if you don't know how to measure your fingers you can use the contact form to get in touch and I will sent you details on how to do this. You can also buy inexpensive sizing kits online and most jewellers will take your measurements on request.

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